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Does shooting the gun hurt?
The guns do recoil slightly, but you will have the gun fitted
to you correctly and shown how to hold the gun. We use
low recoil cartridges and where needed use a lighter 20
bore gun with less recoil to give a more comfortable

What about the noise?
We provide everyone with ear defenders to protect them from the noise.

What should I wear?
We would suggest something practical with consideration to our changeable British weather as we are going to be standing in the open air. In the winter months we would suggest that a warm, waterproof coat and sturdy shoes are advisable!

Do I need a licence to shoot?
No, you do not need a licence if you are using our guns on our ground However, if using your own gun you will need a current shot gun licence.

Can I bring my own gun?

Licensed shooters are welcome to bring their own guns and cartridges and shoot on our layout in a group supervised by a member of our staff (please note that we prefer shooters to use fibre wad cartridges if possible)

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