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Farm Shop Products


Seasonal Fruits

Buy our seasonal fruits and truly enjoy what nature has to offer:

- Strawberries 

- Raspberries

- Gooseberries 

- Blackcurrants 

- Red Currants 

Rapeseed Oil

Bennett & Dunn cold pressed Rapeseed oil is produced by husband and wife team Rupert and Tracey Bennett. Rupert takes great pride in producing a superior quality product. 

The Rapeseed is cold pressed, triple filtered and then hand bottled by Rupert on the farm. Our oil is GM free, Gluten free and our production process is chemical free, this ensures our rapeseed oil retains all of its health benefits and delicious flavour. It's full of natural goodness.



Grange Farm Honey

Limited quantity of Grange Farm Honey made here on the farm.
We have five hives and a lot of busy bees, but if stocks run out then we will have other local Shropshire honey.

Jersy Icecream

Red Lion Farm are a small family business based in Stafford that turn their own creamy Jersey milk into delicious Ice Cream.


Hot Drinks

New this year! We have added to our shop a hot drinks machine which enables us to provide a range of hot drinks for our customers.

Cold Drinks

We know you and your children can get very hot whilst picking, so we have a wide range of cold drinks to keep you hydrated during the great British summer weather.


'Images of Grange Farm' cards

NEW THIS YEAR. Purchase a greetings card featuring photographs of the farm, local plants and wildlife.


Photography by Jessica Bowen.

Learn more about our amazing products by stopping by or giving us a call.

*Products may vary dependant on availability 

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